August 7, 2018

August 2018 Newsletter

Asbestos Analysts Registry - New AAT Data Portal to Launch in 2018

Later this year we are planning to launch a new Portal and Participant Database System. This new technology will bring improvements to the management of your contacts; the submission and tracking of your applications; making on-line payments; and the security of your data. As the launch nears, we will need your action to ensure your account information is correct and establish new, secure passwords for your contacts. ​​​ To ensure there are no delays in submitting results or accessing your reports after the launch, please take time to read our future communications regarding these upcoming developments. Please contact us w​ith any questions.

Asbestos Analysts Registry - IMPORTANT! ACTION REQUIRED: Archive your old AAT Reports

Please take time to ensure that you have saved a copy of all pertinent AAT Performance Results Reports out of the AAT Data Entry Portal. Once the new Portal launches, only reports generated within the new system will be available for download. Note, we are aware of the corrupted tables in reports older than AAT round 100. AAT reports were posted in the format of Word available at that time and not all features are compatible with today's versions; please accept our apologies for this is not an issue we can correct.

SDS and Label Authoring – I qualified to take the exam, now what?

Professionals with SDS and Label Authoring experience and expertise often are deemed qualified to sit for the assessment, and then delay taking the exam. Finding the time to study for the exam may seem daunting, but AIHA’s Registry Programs will guide you through the process. We have a new 2018 Study Guide available online which will help you prepare for the exam. The exam can be taken in-person at an upcoming AIHA or SCHC event, or by remote proctor. Questions? Please contact us​!

Partnering with Your Company

AIHA’s Registry Programs would like to partner with your company to provide group or individual testing for your employees. Our competency assessments verify the knowledge, skill, and ability of individuals. We will guide your employees through the process of qualifying, preparing, and finally taking the exam.
This testing set-up is ideal if your company has many individuals prepared to take the competency assessment at the same time – and saves money on travel and/or remote proctoring fees. Contact us to learn more.

Fall SCHC 2018 and the SDS and Label Authoring Competency Assessment

The Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) is holding its Fall Meeting September 22-26, 2018, in Arlington, Virginia at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. The AIHA Registry Programs always look forward to attending the SCHC meetings and sharing the importance of the SDS and Label Authoring Registry with SCHC members, stakeholders, and employers. The meeting consistently offers a wealth of updates on the GHS, OSHA HazCom 2012, TSCA, and is the premier technical conference in this area of practice.

In addition, the in-person SDS and Label Authoring Competency Assessment will be given at the SCHC Fall 2018 Meeting on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Check your qualifications now!

SDS and Label Authoring – Renewal Reminder

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry has a five-year cycle. Every five years Registrants are required to either provide proof of documented professional involvement to renew, or renew via examination.

If your SDS Registry expiration date is coming up, please consult the website for information and contact us with any questions. Why let all of your hard work go to waste? Don’t let your Registry listing expire, renew today!

SDSRP Designation for Registered Professionals – Are you using the SDSRP designation?

As you may know, the SDSRP designation is now used to recognize SDS and Label Authoring registered individuals. If you are registered in the SDS and Label Authoring program, we remind you to please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for use of the SDSRP designation, and discontinue use of the previously provided insignia. This is imperative to the SDS community and your integrity as a trusted registered individual. Please view the guidelines for more information (PDF).

Exposure Decision Analysis Competency Assessment- The Best Kept Secret

The Exposure Decision Analysis Registry program distinguishes OEHS professionals who have acquired the skills and knowledge to effectively manage workplace exposure and monitoring data. There are no specific requirements for candidates to be eligible to sit for the competency assessment. However, training and/or experience in using IH data interpretation tools, and proficiency in the knowledge areas indicated in the Body of Knowledge, will assist in passing the competency assessment.
In addition, there is no cost associated with taking the EDA Competency Assessment. It is provided as a service to the IH Community. Interested? Contact us for more information.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Auditor Registry (OHSMS) – Coming Soon!

As a reminder, the AIHA Registry Programs is in the process of developing the new Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) Auditor Registry. Now that ISO 45001:2018 is published, it is imperative that cometent auditors can be identified. ISO 45001:2018, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements, makes up a large portion of the body of knowledge and significantly impacts the timeline of the OHSMS Auditor Registry launch. So stay tuned for updates as we look forward to launching this valuable new registry program. ​


The Long Road to ISO 45001- Key Elements of the First Global Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard​

Synergist 2018 June/July By: Vic Toy


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8/29/18: AAT 126 Retest Results Due

9/1/18: AAT 127 Enrollment Deadline (for additions that required additional AAT samples)

9/1/18: AAT 127 Samples Ship

9/12/18: AAT 126 Retest Results Post

9/26/18: SDS and Label Authoring Assessment at Fall SCHC Meeting

10/1/18: AAT 127 Enrollment Deadline (for Analyst additions requiring no additional AAT samples)