Is the Registry​​ for Me?

  • Do you write Safety Data Sheets or Labels for your company, clients, or customers, and have you authored for more than 1 year?
  • Are you responsible for reviewing the SDSs to make sure they meet current GHS requirements?

If you answered YES - demonstrate your competency and get registered!

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry is the only credential that focuses on assessing the skills and knowledge individuals need to properly prepare or review SDSs and Labels to meet GHS requirements.

To gain the Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRPTM) credential, a candidate must meet the established qualifications and must demonstrate competency in the skills and knowledge defined by the program’s Body of Knowledge.

This program was developed through a partnership with the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) to assure the recognition of competent professionals. This AIHA Registry Program is the first EHS Specialty Credential that provides recognition for individuals who have expertise in this area.

Program benefits

​Registration through application and successful completion of the competency assessment will allow registrants to engage in the full benefits of the SDS and Label Authoring Registry program:

  • Listing on the Registry's database for consumer and industry access
  • Recognition as a credentialed professional among your peers
  • Demonstrating professional integrity through competency assessment
  • Use of the SDSRPTM designation

Preparing to take the Assessment

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry Assessment is designed to determine an individual's proficiency in classification and labeling under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) international standard. The skills and knowledge needed for the Registry assessment can be gained from formal education, in-house or professional training, and on-the-job experience.

Review the Body of Knowledge

  • The SDS and Label Authoring Registry Body of Knowledge outlines the minimum skills and knowledge of a competent SDS and label author.
  • The BoK includes a listing of resources that can assist you in preparing for the Registry assessment.
  • The BoK is based on GHS Revision 8
  • A combination PDF of both the BoK and study guide can be found here.

Format of the Competency Assessment

The assessment is composed of two parts:

Part One consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that focus on the general knowledge areas in the Body of Knowledge (BoK) - based on GHS Revision 8 (exam launched 2023)

  • ​1.0 Math and Science (15%)​​
  • 2.0 Hazard Communication (21%)
  • 3.0 Physical Hazards (7%)
  • 4.0 Health Hazards (21%)
  • 5.0 Environmental Hazards (10%)
  • 6.0 Industrial Hygiene & Safety (11%)
  • 7.0 Risk Analysis (2%)
  • 8.0 International GHS Implementation, Associated Regulations & Consensus Standards (13%)​

Part Two is a practical assessment of your ability to utilize the GHS to classify one substance and one mixture using the provided data sets and complete a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the provided data set.

  • ​​2A - Classification of a Substance
  • 2B - Classification of a Mixture
  • 2C - SDS Development

You are allowed up to two hours to complete each part of the assessment. To become Registered, a candidate must achieve a passing score for Part 1 and for each section of Part 2. The passing score is set at 80% for Part 1 and 75% each section of Part 2.

Candidates are allowed 1 initial test and up to 2 retests (3 attempts in total) before a 6-month test break is required.