The goal of this program is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of exposure assessment decisions that can be made when using statistical analysis tools.

Program Benefits​

The benefits of being a Registered Specialist in Exposure Decision Analysis include:

  • ​​Listing you alongside individuals recognized for ongoing personnel training, quality assurance, and demonstration of competency in rendering exposure decisions
  • Improving the overall quality of your management of workplace exposures
  • Encouraging a platform of continuous improvement, essential to collaboration and sharing of best practices


There are no specific requirements for candidates to be eligible to sit for the competency assessment. However, training and/or experience in using IH data interpretation tools, and proficiency in the knowledge areas indicated in the Body of Knowledge, will assist in passing the competency assessment.​

The EDA Registry Program is provided at no cost as a service to the industrial hygiene/environmental health and safety community. If you are interested in taking the competency assessment, please apply online today!

How to Apply

You will be contacted if any information is missing or clarification is required. The application review process generally is completed within two weeks of receipt of all required information and requested clarifications.

Candidates are allowed 1 initial test and up to 2 retests (3 attempts in total) before a 6-month test break is required.