The Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR) program, offered by the AIHA Registry Programs, was designed to recognize organizations, and their affiliated analysts, involved in fiber counting of air samples outside of established laboratory locations, primarily on the job site or in the field. The program is also used by laboratory locations that desire documentation of their ability to do quality work, but that may not be required by federal or state regulations to be accredited.

Who is on the AAR?​

Registered Organizations and Registered Analysts have met the qualifications for inclusion on the registry:

All enrolled analysts must be affiliated with a Registered Organization that oversees the Quality Assurance and Quality Control program that monitors the analyst.

What is required to apply?

Both the organization and its affiliated analysts must be in compliance with the AAR Policy prior to submitting an application.

An organization must submit an enrollment request and then an application. Required documentation includes evidence of a written quality system, organization-specific quality assurance practices, analytical methods, and round-robin participation (inter-laboratory slide exchange).

Analysts must submit an enrollment request and then an application that includes documentation of NIOSH 582 or equivalent training, adherence to the organization's quality system, and ongoing proficient performance in the AAT program.

Other questions?

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