To Upload Your File:​​​​​​​​​​

For your convenience, this form supports up to 10 file uploads in one transaction.

  • Enter a Title for your submission
  • Enter an email address for confirmation
  • Use the Choose File button to add files
  • Navigate to your files and select
    • For multiple files, you can control select up to 10 files for one upload. If your submission is larger than 10 files, multiple uploads will be required. A compressed file, like a .zip folder, may make the upload easier.
  • When you have successfully added your files click the Submit button to begin the upload.


  • You will see a confirmation message when the upload is complete.​
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the address in the Email field.
  • An AIHA Registry Programs team member will confirm your submission within a few business days.

Trouble Shooting:

  • Do not use special characters when naming your files for upload, for example, # / : ? \ % $ & < >
  • The easiest method for uploading multiple files is to compress them, for example into a .zip file, and upload that compressed folder.
  • Keep your file names simple. For example, use your organization/analyst/candidate ID or your last name and the attachment number or application type
    • 123456_5C1
    • 1234_TT
    • Smith_AARApplication
    • Franklin_SDSQualifications

If you have difficulties using the upload, please email us​.​

* = Denotes a required field.