The following guides should help to familiarize you with our Registry Portal. Please contact the AIHA Registry Programs team if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Login Guide
The Registry Portal requires login using your new Username and Password. Email us if need your username or need to establish an email address in our system.

Setting Your Password Guide
Follow this link​ to set your password. Passwords are encrypted and only known by you; we can help you reset a password, however, we cannot verify what password you have set. If you do not remember your password, you must reset it.

Registry Portal Home Page Guide
The Registry Portal Home Page is the landing page for the portal. It provides access to the other functional areas of the portal.

Individual Profile Guide
Your individual profile can only be accessed if you have previously sent us your email address. This guide shows you how to view and set up the basic information of your profile, such as your email address. Your individual profile also allows access to change your password.

AAR Directory User Guide
The AAR Directory of Registered Organizations and Registered Analysts displays the organizations and analysts that have met the AAR Policy requirements for Registration in the Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR). The directory reflects changes to participation, proficiency, and contact information up to the minute. The directory can be accessed directly or via the Registry Portal.

AAT Data Dashboard User Guide
The AAT Data Dashboard is our portal for the submission of AAT results and to view or download your AAT Performance Results Report (as of AAT round​ 129). This guide defines the functional​ areas of the dashboard, includes instructions for entering your AAT Data, and accessing your AAT reports.

AAT Data Entry Quick Guide
Instructions for entering an analyst's AAT sample results.

Document Upload Guide
Instructions for uploading files in the Registry Portal applications.

Analyst Application Guide
Instructions for completing the Analyst application in the Registry Portal.

Organization Application Guide
Instructions for completing an organization application in the Registry Portal.