Date Event
11/08/2022AAT 143 Retest Orders Due
11/09/2022AAT 143 Retest Samples Ship​​
12/01/2022AAT 143 Retest Results Due​​​
12/02/2022AAT 144 Enrollment Deadline​ for additions that require additional AAT samples (Initial Organization​ or Analyst Applications)
12/08/2022AAT 144 Samples Ship ~12/01/22; Contact us if your samples have not been received.​​​
12/15/2022AAT 143 Retest Results Post​​​
12/30/2022AAT 144 Final Enrollment Deadline​ for Analyst additions requiring no additional​ AAT samples.​​​​​​
01/10/2023AAT 144 Results Due​​​
01/24/2023AAT 144 Results Post​​​
02/07/2023AAT 144 Retest Orders Due
02/08/2023AAT 144 Retest Samples Ship​​
03/01/2023AAT 144 Retest Results Due​​​
03/15/2023AAT 144 Retest Results Post

2022 AAT Deadlines

2023 AAT Deadlines