Benefits of the
Registered Specialist:
Exposure Decision Analysis Credential

Benefits, in their own words...

[The EDA Registry Program] allowed for a total reassessment of our respiratory protection program to align with exposure data and analysis.

~ John Nelson, MS, CSP

Benefits, in their own words...

EDA fills the critical locus of determining when monitoring data resulting in discrete measurements of exposure are sufficiently characterized. There is very little discussion of the formal methodology to determine completeness of characterization otherwise. This is very important to understand when making decisions about the perpetuity of monitoring.

~ Spencer Pizzani, CIH

Benefits, in their own words...

I use the statistical knowledge that I gained in preparing for the EDA Registry Exam on a weekly basis and have recommended the Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions online course and the EDA Registry to all of my coworkers and OEHS staff of contractors performing work at our campus.

~ Andrew Bryson, CIH, CSP, MPH

Benefits, in their own words...

Many of our clients are now requesting statistical analysis of historical exposure data, and ongoing exposure data that is routinely collected. This course has helped me define and use statistical models to outline data confidence to identify a negative exposure assessment.

~ Cody Youshock, CIH CSP CHMM

Benefits, in their own words...

The EDA Registry Exam {Registered Specialist: EDA credential} helps me stand out within the field of industrial hygiene as a professional able to use tools to improve the accuracy of my risk and exposure judgments.

~ Rustin Reed, PhD, CIH, CSP

Benefits, in their own words...

This registry process provides the tools necessary to deliver an extremely robust data analysis and conclusions for exposure data. It dramatically lowers the possibility of making false negative judgments and conveys the conclusions in an understandable and transparent fashion.

~ J. Barry Graffeo, CIH, FAIHA

Benefits, in their own words...

In my office, we have a lot of new graduates and early career professionals who have not had much experience in applying statistical analysis to the career field. The EDA Registry Exam is now one of our recommended onboarding tasks to help get newcomers up to speed. Items taught within the exam have also completely shaped how our organization analyzes data.

~ Alex Cardone, CIH, MPH

Why Become a Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis?

The Exposure Decision Analysis (EDA) Registry program, enhanced by the free EDA prep course, Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions, and validated through the EDA Competency Assessment, has revolutionized the way the IH/OEHS community approaches statistical analysis and making informed decisions about worker exposure and exposure uncertainty. By passing the EDA Competency Assessment to earn the Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis credential, registrants have gained newfound confidence in their ability to conduct robust statistical analysis and ensure the safety of working environments.

Did you know?

    • 95% of respondents would recommend the Exposure Decision Analysis Registry Program to a colleague
    • 90% of respondents reported that they used AIHA's free online course, Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions, to prepare for the EDA Registry Exam
    • 61% of respondents reported that the Exposure Decision Analysis content was Exceptionally Useful in their daily work, and 21% somewhat agree
    • 75% of respondents have 11 or more years of experience managing workplace exposure
    • 77% of respondents feel more confident in making exposure judgments using the statistical analysis of monitoring data
    • 60% of registrants reside in the United States, 13% in Belgium, 8% in Canada, and the remaining 19% of residents are from all over the world
    • 37% of respondents had only basic statistical training (at least one higher-level math course covering statistical method concepts)

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