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The following courses have been approved by the registry program's Subject Matter Experts as providing content that imparts the knowledge and skills represented in this program's Body of Knowledge.

  • SCHC Training Courses
    • SDS and Label Authoring Registry Preparation Webinar, SCHC
    • Science for the Hazard Communicator
    • Toxicology for the Hazard Communication
    • Endocrine Disrupters, SCHC
    • Genotoxicity, Mutagenicity, & Carcinogenicity, SCHC
    • Immunotoxicology (Sensitization), SCHC
    • Neurotoxicology, SCHC
    • Reproductive and Development Toxicology, SCHCToxicology of the Liver and Kidney, SCHC
    • Respiratory Toxicology, SCHC
    • Hazard Determination & Risk Assessment, SCHC
    • Clinical Toxicology - First Aid and Note to Physicians, SCHC
    • Occupational Exposure Limits, SCHC
    • HazCom 101 - Introduction to Chemical Hazard Communication, SCHC
    • U.S. Hazard Communication for Workplace Chemical Products (HCS 2012) — Overview of Requirements and Practical Examples in SDS and Label Preparation, SCHC
    • Multi-Modal Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Classification Certification, SCHC
    • Materials/Dangerous Goods Classification Certification, SCHC
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