Why Become a Registered Professional?

Marketability, career potential, job security, market edge, professional growth, personal and professional goals are all reasons that support becoming a Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRPTM).

A recent survey of SDSRPs revealed these trends among those in the SDS credentialed community.

Did you know?

  • 10% of current SDSRPTM survey respondents reported that their employers require employees to pass AIHA Registry Programs SDS and Label Authoring Competency Assessment
  • 40% of respondents reported that their employers encourage employees to obtain the SDSRPTM credential but currently do not require it
  • 87% of respondents reported that studying for the SDS Registry Exam proved to be beneficial on its own
  • 92% of respondents reported that they use their SDSRPTM credential in a professional capacity (signature block, LinkedIn, CV, resume, webpage, bio, etc.)
  • 12% of SDSRPs are located in Canada, one (1) in Great Britain, four (4) are located in India, one (1) in Israel, and one (1) in the Netherlands

The Benefits: In their own words

Below are testimonials from a recent survey that highlight the credential's impact on current registrants:

The trajectory of my career in HES and internal recognition within my company developed significantly after obtaining the SDSRP. It has also provided a market advantage as our customers have on occasion asked for descriptions of professional training and credentials held by the SDS authors and/or HES team. The SDSRP definitely stands out in comparison to our competitors and has been recognized internationally as an indicator of high quality and professionalism within the team. ~ R. G.

The SDSRP designation demonstrates a high level of competence in the field of SDS Authoring. The exam is rigorous, requiring deep knowledge of the GHS classification system and practical experience with SDS authoring. ~ M. L

The SDSRP designation gives my client peace of mind that I have the knowledge and experience to prepare a comprehensive document that is both compliant and tailored to their actual products....not just some boiler-plate production, like a one-size-fits-all document. ~ L. E.

I have not only been promoted and given more responsibility due to my SDSRP designation, but I have also gained a lot of experience and knowledge within the industry and talking to other SDSRP designated people. I feel a sense of pride knowing that I have earned this designation in my field of choice and will continue to strive for this designation for my entire career. ~ A. J. W.

SDSRP is not only post nominal designation, it also reflects the professional expertise in hazard communication. It is clearly evident from the eligibility criteria, exam pattern and quality of questions to be answered in exams. Very strong expertise is required to clear the exam. I believe in the near future it will become one of the great symbols of excellence in the hazard communication domain. ~ M. R.

Having achieved the SDSRP designation, I have instant credibility with clients who need help understanding the varying requirements for SDS around the world. The SDSRP designation provides a credible entre to the decision-makers who need our expertise to support product stewardship. ~ J. B.

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