February 1, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

SDS and Label Authoring Registry – ​Year in Revie​w

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry had an amazing 2016. Remote proctoring activity is picking up, the new designation was released, and the renewal scheme was put into place. We also hit a program milestone: we now have more than 100 Registered Professionals!

2016 Assessment Activity Breakdown:

  • Part 1: 20 candidates
  • Part 2: 16 candidates
  • The overall pass rate averages 46%, with Part 1 having a pass rate of 47% and Part 2 having a pass rate of 75%.

2-Day SDS Registry Prep Cour​ses

Do you have colleagues who might be interested in brushing up on their GHS knowledge in preparation for the SDS exam? If so, please let them know there are two outstanding in-person opportunities to do so coming up soon. The Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) course will be offered March 25-26 at the Spring SCHC meeting in New Orleans. At AIHce 2017, the Registry Preparation: SDS and Label Authoring PDC will be held June 3-4 in Seattle. Register for the AIHce course here.

Guidelines for Use of t​​he SDSRP Designation for Registered Professionals

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry has adopted a designation for the program in order to make showing the achievement of being registered more convenient. SDSRP, or SDS Registered Professional, will now be used to recognize registered individuals. If you are registered in the SDS and Label Authoring program, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for use of the SDSRP designation.

View the guidelines here.

Registered Specialist Cred​​ential Renewal Scheme

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry is coming up on a milestone: the first Registered Professionals are about the hit the end of their initial registration cycle in 2017! Registered Professionals may now submit information documenting professional development, presentations given, volunteer service, employment, etc., to maintain the credential, or they may renew via examination. Are you expiring in 2017? If so, you may wish to review the Renewal Scheme before you start the online renewal form​. If you need your login information, please contact Kim Bacon​.

Take the SD​S and Label Authoring Registry Assessment ​Online

AIHA Registry Programs now offers qualified SDS and Label Authoring Registry candidates the option to take the competency assessment online via a remote proctoring solution. Candidates may schedule their preferred assessment date and time through our remote proctoring partner, ProctorU. Learn more here.


Countless Challenges, A Si​ngular Solution - The SDS and Label​ Authoring Registry

Nothing says success in business like sales and profits. And in the chemical industry, nothing spells failure like lack of compliance. For EHS professionals and manufacturing leaders in today’s global economy, if a product isn’t compliant with the ever-evolving web of safety labeling requirements, your profits could be tied up in Customs and your dreams of success may be left to languish in quarantine. Continue reading here.


AIHA Registry Programs will be attending the SCHC Spring Meeting on March 28 and 29. The meeting will culminate in the SDS Exam on the afternoon of March 29!


The Exposure Decision Analysis Registry program distinguishes OEHS professionals who have acquired the skills and knowledge to effectively manage workplace exposure and monitoring data. Given basic characterization and monitoring data, individuals with the Registered Specialist: Exposure Decision Analysis credential have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about worker exposure and exposure uncertainty.​ For more information on the program, visit the AIHA Registry Programs website.


Who are the subject matter e​​xperts for the AIHA Registry Programs?

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) teams for each registry program are critically important; they are the technical guidance and support for our programs. The SMEs are professionals who have the technical knowledge and practical experience to make decisions on registry eligibility and on revisions and updates to the registry programs’ bodies of knowledge (BoK), and to maintain the programs’ competency assessments. In each program, SMEs have authored a BoK that stands as the technical guideline for the individual program’s registrants. The SME team enables AIHA Registry Programs to operate in a scientifically sound manner, and ensures that the necessary technical resources are available to the Registry Programs’ staff, candidates, and registrants. Learn more about the AIHA Registry Programs here.


Tolerating Delay: How Much Toluene Is Too Much?

By Frank Mirer

From the December 2016 issue of The Synergist: “Just after I started at the United Auto Workers (UAW), a friend from graduate school who was working as an OSHA hygienist called me to ask whether the analytical method for toluene was any good. He’d been sampling (in a UAW-represented plant), standing well behind the worker, and had gotten a headache and was woozy from toluene vapors. He knew the worker’s exposure was much higher, but the result was well below the PEL. My friend’s reaction illustrates the force of an OEL: the idea that a PEL is a ‘safe’ level was so ingrained that he first questioned the chemical analysis, instinctively ruling out the need for improved controls. The sampling method for toluene was and is solid. What we need to examine—for toluene and other substances—is the ‘hierarchy of knowledge.’” Read the full article here​.


  • 2/7/17: AAT 120 Retest Order Forms Due
  • 2/8/17: AAT 120 Retest Samples Ship
  • 3/1/17: AAT 120 Retest Results Due
  • 3/29/17: SDS Exam, New Orleans, LA​​