February 6, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

SCHC Meeting ​in​​ April

The Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) is holding its Spring Meeting April 21-25, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. AIHA Registry Programs is looking forward to attending the meeting to strengthen our partnership and to share the importance of the SDS and Label Authoring Registry with SCHC members, stakeholders, and employers. The meeting will offer a wealth of updates on the GHS, OSHA HazCom 2012, TSCA, and REACH 2018 and is the premier technical conference in this area of practice.

Angela Oler, Director of Operations at the AIHA Registry Programs, will be hosting the SDS and Label Authoring Registry exam following the conference in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 25.

Guidelines for Use of the SDSRP Des​​ignation for Registered Professionals

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry has adopted a designation for the program to make showing the achievement of being registered more convenient. SDS Registered Professional (SDSRP) will be used to recognize registered individuals. If you are registered in the SDS and Label Authoring Registry program, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for use of the SDSRP designation and then discontinue use of the previously provided insignia.

View the guidelines here (PDF).

Be an SDSRP Amba​​ssador

Do you have colleagues who are interested in learning more about the SDS Label Authoring Registry process? If so, be an ambassador for this elite designation! Use this infographic​ about the process for attaining this expert credential.

Registered Professional Credent​ia​l Renewal Scheme

Registered Professionals may submit information online that documents professional development, presentations given, volunteer service, employment, etc., to maintain the credential, or they may renew via examination. Have you checked to see if your credential is expiring in 2018? If so, you may wish to review the Renewal Scheme before you start the online renewal process.

Opportunities for Group Testin​g for the SDS and Label Authoring Registry

AIHA Registry Programs has worked with many companies to host group testing sessions. This testing set-up is ideal if your company has many individuals prepared to take the competency assessment at the same time – and saves money on travel and/or remote proctoring fees. Contact us to discuss your group testing needs.


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3/1/18-3/31/18 – SDS Remote Proctoring Available

3/1/2018: AAT 124 Retest Results Due

3/1/18: AAT 125 Enrollment Deadline for Initial Organization Applications or Analysts Added that Require AAT Additional Samples

3/1/18: AAT 125 Samples Ship – Contact Us If Your Samples Are Not Received by 3/10/18.

3/15/18: AAT 124 Retest Results Post

4/1/18-4/30/18: SDS Remote Proctoring Available

4/1/18: AAT 125 Enrollment Deadline for Analyst Additions Requiring no Additional AAT Samples

4/10/18: AAT 125 Results Due