May 1, 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

OHSMS Auditor Registry Volunteer Opportunity

The AIHA Board of Directors has approved the development of an OHSMS Auditor Registry. In April 2016, AIHA conducted a Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey to collect feedback from relevant stakeholders to identify the essential knowledge and skills required to perform OHS management system audits. The survey results were used to finalize the content of the OHSMS Auditor Body of Knowledge (BoK). The results also provided validation that development of this Registry will fill a needed gap in the OHSMS Auditor competency space.

The OHSMS Auditor BoK has been developed to assist organizations in assessing the competence of individuals as auditors in relation to the objectives that have been set for their internal audit programs. This BoK will dictate the content for the OHSMS Auditor examination to be administered in the Fall of 2017.

AIHA is inviting volunteers to help develop exam questions for the OHSMS Auditor examination. As an item writer, you will create and submit items (primarily multiple-choice questions), based on the BoK, for potential use on the examination. If you or anyone else you may know is interested in participating in this exciting opportunity, please contact Stacy Calhoun at by May 31, 2017.

AIHA Registry Programs Celebrates an Outstanding SCHC Meeting

The Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) held their Spring Meeting March 28-29. AIHA Registry Programs was pleased to attend the meeting to strengthen our partnership and continue to share with SCHC members, stakeholders, and employers the importance of the SDS and Label Authoring Registry. The meeting offered a wealth of GHS, OSHA HCS 2012, and WHMIS 2015 information and is the premier technical conference in this area of practice. Congratulations to SCHC for an outstanding meeting!

Update on the SDS and Label Authoring Examination

In September 2017, AIHA Registry Programs will be launching a new SDS and Label Authoring Registry examination. This new exam will be based on the updated SDS and Label Authoring Body of Knowledge, which can be found on the AIHA website: SDS & Label Authoring Body of Knowledge.

With a new exam comes the need to conduct a standard setting study to establish a new cut score for the test. On July 26, 2017, AIHA will be hosting the SDS & Label Authoring Standard Setting Meeting at the AIHA headquarters in Falls Church, VA. Standard setting is the phase of test development in which the critical decision of setting the passing score is made. AIHA has carefully selected a diverse and representative panel of Registrants to help ensure that the recommended passing score reflects relevant professional and regional perspectives. This standard setting process will be led by a trained facilitator. For more information, contact Stacy Calhoun at

2-Day SDS Registry Prep Courses

Do you have colleagues that might be interested in brushing up on their GHS knowledge in preparation for the SDS exam? If so, please let them know there is an outstanding in-person opportunity to do so at AIHce EXP 2017. The Registry Preparation: SDS and Label Authoring PDC will be held June 3-4 in Seattle. Register for the AIHce EXP course here.

Opportunities for Group Testing for the SDS and Label Authoring Registry

Does your company have a number of individuals interested in becoming registered? Does your local section or chapter want to offer testing to local professionals? AIHA Registry Programs offers group testing at your location. Contact us at to discuss your group testing needs.

Guidelines for Use of the SDSRP Designation for Registered Professionals

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry has adopted a designation for the program in order to make showing the achievement of being registered more convenient. SDSRP, or SDS Registered Professional, will now be used to recognize registered individuals. If you are registered in the SDS and Label Authoring program, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for use of the SDSRP designation and discontinue use of the previously provided insignia.

View the guidelines here.

Registered Specialist Credential Renewal Scheme

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry is coming up on a milestone! The first Registered Professionals are about the hit the end of their initial registration cycle in 2017! Registered Professionals may now submit information documenting professional development, presentations given, volunteer service, employment, etc., to maintain the credential, or they may renew via examination. Are your credentials expiring in 2017? If so, you may wish to review the Renewal Scheme before you start the online renewal form (log in required). If you need your login information, please contact Kim Bacon at

Take the SDS and Label Authoring Registry Assessment Online

AIHA Registry Programs now offers qualified SDS and Label Authoring Registry candidates the option to take the competency assessment online via a remote proctoring solution. Candidates may schedule their preferred assessment date and time through our remote proctoring partner, ProctorU. Learn more here.

Updated Course: Developing and Maintaining a Laboratory Quality Management System

AIHA has offered the Developing and Maintaining a Laboratory Quality Management System course since 2004. The program was updated this year in an effort to equip participants with the latest knowledge and tools for 2017. Through this course, participants will better understand how to implement effective quality assurance programs and navigate international accreditation requirements. Participants will have six months to complete the course once enrolled. To learn more, visit here.


AIHA Registry Programs will be attending the 2017 American Industrial Hygiene Exposition and Conference (AIHce EXP) in Seattle, WA June 4-7. We are very excited to be joining our colleagues at AIHA at this incredible conference event. AIHce EXP caters to industrial hygiene/occupational health professionals of all levels, specialties, and expertise and we look forward to growing our network and learning more about how best to serve our Registry participants! Visit us in the AIHA Resource Center, booth #1211.


The Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR) program, offered by the AIHA Registry Programs, was designed to recognize organizations, and their affiliated analysts, involved in fiber counting of air samples outside of established laboratory locations, primarily on the job site or in the field. The program is also used by laboratory locations that desire documentation of their ability to do quality work, but that are not required by federal or state regulations to be accredited. Learn more about the program here.​


Why is there a need for the AIHA Registry Programs?

AIHA Registry Programs provide recognition for individuals who have developed skills and expertise in a single or limited number of the industrial/occupational hygiene profession’s core competencies. These registries fill a credential gap for specialized professionals, technicians, and operators for which a broad certification is not currently available. AIHA Registry Programs help to supplement and enhance the occupational hygiene profession and expand the opportunities for practitioners to develop and demonstrate competency in a specialty area of practice. Learn more about the AIHA Registry Programs here.


The Last Line of Defense​

By Derek A. Newcomer, Julianne L. Baron, David Martinson

The Synergist Magazine, March 2017

Laboratory coats may appear similar in style and color, but some scientists may be surprised to discover that there is no universal laboratory coat suitable for protection from all laboratory hazards.

READ THE ARTICLE from The Synergist

Putting Your HazCom Knowledge to the Test: Four Top Tips to Prepare for the SDSRP Competency Assessment

RegistryRECON blog, April 2017

The SDS and Label Authoring Registry is the only credential focused on assessing the skills and knowledge industrial hygienists need to properly author and review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels to meet the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). The Safety Data Sheet Registered Professional (SDSRP) designation is the first and only EHS specialty credential designed to recognize professionals with expertise in this area. To earn the designation, applicants must first apply to the take the competency assessment by providing proof of adequate education and experience. Read the full post here…


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5/08/2017​AAT 121​Retest Order Forms Due​
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​5/18/2017​AAT 122​Enrollment Deadline
​5/20/2017​SDS Exam​Minneapolis, MN
June 2017SDS ExamRemote Proctor
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​6/05/2017​SDS Exam​Seattle, WA
July 2017SDS ExamRemote Proctor
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