If you are interested in this area of practice AIHA has an educational offering, which focuses on the revised BoK knowledge and skills, available now: Field Use of Direct Reading Instruments for the Detection of Gases and Vapors-Operations Level.

Historical Backgr​ound

The 4-Gas Meter and PID Operator Registry recognized first responders, fire fighters, environmental field technicians and workers in refineries, local HAZMAT, waste water treatment and confined space entry who use 4-Gas Meters and PIDs to assess field conditions and potential worker exposure concerns. This registry program was developed by Subject Matter Experts from AIHA's Real-Time Detection Systems Committee.

The 4-Gas Meter and PID Operator Registry program recognized operators with a minimum level of knowledge, training, and experience who regularly demonstrate their competency in the use of the instrument and application of the meter's readings. To gain the credential, Registered Operator: 4-Gas Meter/PID Field Use, an individual must have demonstrated competency in the skills and knowledge defined by the program’s Body of Knowledge​ (BoK). This AIHA Registry Program was the first credential that provides recognition for individuals who have expertise in this area and improved the overall quality of the detection of potential exposures by motivating individuals to develop the knowledge and skills needed to gain this credential.​